Choosing The Right Removalist When You Sell Your Home

There are many things to sort out once you have sold your home and the day to move out is approaching. You need to cancel utilities, change mailing addresses on so many accounts, work out what you will take with you and what new home items you might want to buy. It can seem a bit overwhelming.

One of the bigger considerations is which removalist you might use when it comes to shifting the bigger furniture items from your old home to your new one. On the Sunshine Coast, this can be a big decision and maybe one that should not be made just on price.

There are a lot of removalists on the Sunshine Coast. From one-man bands with a truck available, through to the big franchises. Picking the right one for your move can save you a lot of stress.

Our general advice is to choose a removals company that is reliable and has good communication. Another benefit to think of is storage. If the removals company has their own storage, this can make the process of storing some items when necessary during your move, a lot easier.

Local Removalists Are Our Preference

As proud supporters of local businesses, we encourage our clients to use a locally owned company that is reliable and fairly priced. Some examples would be All Aus Removalists, Toucan Removalists, Platinum Removals Sunshine Coast, or Ab Fab Removals. 

These four businesses have a dedicated team, storage options when needed, provide boxes and other moving items, and can even help with the packing.

When you are pressed for time, the last thing you want is an unreliable mover. Especially one that does not show up because they got a better offer. It is simply not worth the risk.

Helping clients move in a stress-free way is just one of the extra benefits of selling your home with me, Jamie Hill, from Property Today.

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