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Hello fellow “home owners”,

Having great information about selling your home is about, searching the internet, reading your local newspapers, speaking to people who have bought and sold in your area lately and to Me your local agent. One of the services that I can provide you with is monthly or quarterly reports of recent sales and how sales are stacking up in our area.

Step #5 Choosing the right agent

You need to be confident that your agent will secure the best possible price for your home and isn’t just in it for a cheap, quick sale! 

  • Be up to speed with what’s selling in your area – your local Agent – I can assist you with this.
  • Get out there and act like a buyer and visit properties for sale in your area to get a sense of your property’s value.
  • Make a short list potential agents in your area by talking to friends.
  • Visit Agents openings to see how they conduct themselves and what follow up there is?
  • Interview with at least two to three agents.
  • Ask a lot of questions. Do they have a good understanding of the area and market conditions?
  • Look at the individual not necessary at their Brand.
  • Ensure you feel comfortable with an agent and that there’s a good rapport. Selling you greatest asset successfully will require a partnership between the two of you and you need to feel you can work together as a
  • Commission fees – this is always a great source of pain for

It’s simple, you pay for what you get. Is an agent dropping their commission too quickly?  If they are not good at negotiating well at the start how are they going to negotiate with potential buyers?.

If you simply can’t wait for the remaining simple steps, give me a shout and I would be more than happy to have a chat and share.

Whether you’re looking to sell or stay, I would love to meet you!

Kind Regards,

Jamie Hill 

M  0422 927 177

E [email protected]


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Jamie Hill is a trusted real estate agent in Buderim, offering honest property appraisals and personalised services with over 26 years of sales experience, guiding clients from appraisal to settlement seamlessly.

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