Buying Before You Sell – The New Trend On The Sunshine Coast

One of the main concerns many homeowners who are looking to move have these days is, “what if I can’t find a new home to move into?”. Now more than ever, the timing of a sale has come to the forefront of people’s minds. So, what is going on here?

As the price of property on the Sunshine Coast continues to remain high, many people feel like it might be the ideal time to sell their home. Some are thinking of moving somewhere nearby that they think will suit them better in the future. That may be the hinterland, a little further north, or somewhere closer to the water. 

That has become a little more complicated these days, with a so-called “housing crisis” on the Sunshine Coast. I don’t say that in a dismissive way, there is definitely a limited amount of home available to either buy or rent in Buderim, Maroochydore and many other areas of the coast.

We have had clients that want to sell their home, but they are worried that they won’t find somewhere else to live come settlement day, when they need to move out.

This has been made more complicated with the big banks having tighter lending criteria for most home buyers. Will they be able to get finance to buy a new home before they sell their own?

Ways To Plan Ahead For This Outcome

There are a few things you can do to plan ahead and not be caught out in this busy market. They might include :

  • longer settlement periods
  • subject to finance clauses
  • selling, with a rental period, agreed in your existing home
  • Bridging finance (Seek advice from a professional lender)

While the market remains so buoyant, moving home will remain an appealing option. Especially for those looking to downsize or to have a lifestyle change.

If you would like to speak with a real estate agent that can provide a free property valuation in Buderim or the surrounding suburbs, then feel free to call me today.

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